Eh, what forum software does this forum use?

i may want to use it for my own platform (now opensourced under the Creative Commons Attribution license)…

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darn, it costs money… and that’s the one thing that’s lacking in my life :wink:

I suggest also taking a look at GitHub Discussions Documentation - GitHub Docs


i guess i’m gonna have to build my own…

i need something to do on the side, for when i’m held up on this 3D tech or other snags in my development…

building a next-gen social media platform was already on my agenda, i might as well add forum software to that list :wink:

thanks for the quick and thorough reply…

Discourse is free to use and open source. It only costs money if you want to buy their hosting/management service. They have instructions here for hosting it yourself: GitHub - discourse/discourse: A platform for community discussion. Free, open, simple.


wow! thanks for the tip, Omar :smiley:

Discourse is great.
Only complaint I have is searching a page for certain text using ctrl/cmd + F.
(It searches the site)
Possibly this is an option that can be changed via the API.