Awe.Land - Exhibition in London

After many years of working on and off on Bad.City game engine I’m happy to share with you the very first project that branched off and is using the engine for something useful. A friend of mine used the system as a large part of his art exhibition in London. The exhibition contains works of multiple artists from all over the world. The art pieces are images uploaded by dragging and dropping them in the editor and the map is borrowed from the game :slight_smile:

Server “Illuminati” - ( oops wrong thumbnail, still from loaded below )

During the exhibition this was displayed on a projector and a controller was available to move the character and the camera. Any controller with thumbsticks should work. No other buttons are currently in use.

Some editor features(on top of Three.js editor):
-Drag and drop DAZ 3D character import and optimization
-Object import - Automatic mesh optimization, texture packing and collision mesh computation
-Server side scripting for multiplayer games
-Drag and drop image/video/mp3 upload
-Real-time collaboration

Cool tech in the engine, only selected few:
-Auto instancing - thousands of objects floating in the sky are simply added to the scene but are captured by auto instancer to be rendered in one drawcall
-Shadow caching - one texture contains all the static shadows(rendered periodically) and only the dynamic ones are rendered on each frame greatly reducing overall rendering performance impact
-100s of lights - this exhibitions contains over 100 lights(nothing is baked) and no performance impact thanks to pooling
-Collision worker - no matter how intensive shooting(not using hitboxes but full mesh raycasting) or walking on/into complex objects all the collisions are computed asynchronously and never cause a frame drop. This worker is separate from physics engine that is in another worker
-Dynamically rendered terrain based on heightmap and LOD in vertex shader
-Auto LOD for every object - not currently enabled but it’s implemented

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