Abstract city architecture

Hello, everyone. I recently completed my first threejs project. It would be wonderful to get feedback from this wonderful community.


Thank you in advance for any suggestions on how I may better my work.

And a special thanks to everyone in this community that assisted me in finishing this project.

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Thanks for sharing your project. It looks really nice. Some buildings appear to show the actual architecture.

Some unsorted comments:

  • there is some banding in dark areas – on streets and on buildings
  • white text on white background is hard to read:
  • the white stripes on zebra crossings are not equally distributed:
  • the night mode is good and it makes easier to spot the important buildings
  • the non-night mode (is it day mode) is somewhat depressing, too dark
  • the rendering is heavy for my laptop, maybe some optimization is needed, but this is not trivial at all
  • the area of buildings is given in sqm2, which appears to be square meters. I think that if you have sq, you do not need 2, and vice versa