Architectural asset viewer - feature polish needed

Need support to feature-completed a web-based architectural model viewer. We have built a complex backend to select and serve models, and the front is stable but needs feature polish, and guidance on model spec and pipeline optimization. This would inititally be a few days of input, but likely would be become some days a month thereafter (all paid half in advance), and possibly part-time/full-time going forward depending on avail/standard of work. Some of the needed inputs:

  • model lighting development, under different environmet concepts, see images, might need some conditional lighting parameters
  • model sizing, loading, unloading, general optimziation of the experience for the viewport and interface interactions (to be explained under NDA)
  • texture swapping for some assets
  • optimization of how the model viewer integrates with the react three and react three fiber webapp it is embedded in (some screens exchange data with the webapp, others just pull assets from the asset server into the standalone 3js viewer)
  • etc


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Hello. @jmanooch
How are you?
As an experienced 3D developer with expertise in Three.js and deep knowledge of the 3D graphics, I would like to contribute to your business goal. Over past 7 years, I have built many 3D applications and 3D websites and among them, there are some 3D viewers.
My good points in this field are realistic simulation, optimization of the performance on 3D environment.
And the reason why I think I could be a good fit for this opportunity is that I have a good experience in Architecture and Building design by some softwares. I have a good experience in AutoDesk 3Ds max, AutoCad, and SketchUp, and some experience in BIM by Revit.
Over recent 4 years, I have built so good experience in 3D graphic design by Blender.
So I’m sure I can perform the any tasks from you and I look forward to your response.
This is my contact info.


Thanks in advance.

Hi, I just sent dm and looking forward to getting your response.

I have considerable experience with three.js and react three fiber in many differing scenarios.
I have completed similar work in bulding a metaverse for the art world (essentially a virtual museum experience) where I had to optimise the model loading/unloading from room to room, optimise the models themselves and integrate the viewer into a c# webassembly backend. I’m sure that I could contribute to your project. My website/portfolio is here →
Please feel free to contact me.


I develop 3D web applications focusing on user-experience and clean code.

Please refer to:


Hello jmanooch,
Here is my portfolio website that showcasing my skills and experience matched your project requirements:
With a proven track record in optimizing model rendering, lighting, and texture swapping, I’m confident I can enhance your front-end interface and model loading performance. My experience in seamlessly integrating model viewers with React Three and React Three Fiber web apps, along with a commitment to NDA compliance, ensures your project’s success.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,
Zhi Ji Wang

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