Astros Visualizer - Planet vizualizer made with react three fiber

Hello everyone, I’m new to three.js/RTF, and I could really use some help and recommendations. I’ve noticed that my website,, is loading much slower than I anticipated, especially when it comes to displaying 3D models. It takes a few seconds to load each time I open the site. Any advice or tips you can provide to optimize the loading speed and make the user experience smoother would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Shoutouts to Wawa Sensei:)

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Yessss, I used the same logic as him to create the slides; even the fonts are the same. Our code is mostly different, and as I’m a beginner, I probably have a lot of bad practices that are making the website heavier. Do you have any recommendations to make it lighter?

Your models are quite big, the moon is 15 Mb! Resource size is #1 factor of slow loading time, always investigate it first if you’re having such issues

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Thanks, buddy. Is there any way or ratio I can reduce the model without losing quality?

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I don’t know anything about 3D modeling, so I won’t be of help here. pmndrs/gltfjsx has some option to optimize models, but if that’s not enough, maybe you’ll need to look for other models.