3dmodel Glossy and metal effect


I want to apply some glocy and metalic effect to my model.

I have Reffered this guide.

And try to apply to my model but It is not taking my changes.

I have create Js Fiddle for it.


I want to apply Glossy and metalness like this.


I am doing something wrong, which i am unable to find

Please help me.!

if your FBX model’s material-type is MeshPhongMaterial,you could set specular and shininess props, and add lights,to get glossy and metal effect.

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Add THREE.DirectionalLight() and slightly change parameters of that applied THREE.MeshStandardMaterial().


@prisoner849, Thank you exact same I want, but it is not animate anymore. is that any settings need to do ?

While Applying material if i am using child.material.map = texture it is animating model well, but not applying glossy /metal effect. to apply effect i have to use child.material = material. but it is not animating.

can you guide what is the issue for it ?

Got is working with applying
material.skinning = true.

Just problem is sometimes struck animation for second after some animation.

Could you provide a working example?

This is Fiddle


Hmm… how long should I wait for start of animaion? ))

Ohh. Its not animating on fiddle for other system on work for me. please check here for live example.


Ah, thanks :slight_smile: