Using MeshPhongMaterial causes animations to not working at all!

Hi, for some reason, Im absolutely not able to apply material map to an object of GBL kind. However, with MeshPhong / MeshLambert it magically works! However, when I use either of them, my animations will stop working, is there any logical reason behind this, if you need the code, let me know.

Are you applying new materials to your model?
If so, then try to set skinning: true on them.

Please read the Textures section in the following documentation page if you manually add textures to glTF assets:

Well, for some reason, here I was able to pass without the encoding changed and flipY either. But thank for you time and help!

Thank you for helping me out! Animations now work properly!

Well, now there is a little bit of a different problem. I didnt realize this before, since I have been using incorrect texture, so it displayed wrong all the time, but now, when I switched to proper textures, they seem not to apply correctly, it looks like it just pastes the texture image on the obj without… well, how do I say it. It is totally misaligned. Either flipY on false and on true doesnt work. The texture just looks horribly. Things like texture.wrapS and texture.wrapT do not have any effect. I know its little bit unrelated but I dont want the entire discourse be flooded with my posts

Can you please ensure whether texture coordinates are defined or not?

I have seen this exact model working properly, however, I dont know what the code was, since it was obfuscated. But if it worked for someone else, then it should be working even for me I guess, so, yeah? Im not sure