GLTF loose animation when using different material ( MeshNormalMaterial instead of MeshStandardMaterial)

I’m using a GLTF model that’s created rigged and animated with Blender. It works but when I upload it into THREEjs its normals are not displayed correctly. So I tried to change the material of the object from MeshStandardMaterial to MeshNormalMaterial but when doing it the animations suddenly disappear.

Am I doing something wrong?

When replacing materials, you have to restore material properties like skinning in order to retain certain features like skeleton animation.

So try setting material.skinning to true and the animations should work again.

Wow, thank you so much! It worked. Unfortunately, it does not solve my issue… but I think I should create a new question for that. I have a model created with Blender but it does not work as expected.

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