zBuffer capabilities with postprocessing on different browsers


I have an example of two planes near each other, the intersection looks normal, but when there is post-processing, the intersection looks hatched in a different way according to the OS and the navigator.

The effect is directly linked to the camera near and far values.

Do you know what parameter of the WebGL capabilities can do this ?

Hm. It might be something very specific. I cannot reproduce it – my Firefox 110, Opera 95 and Chrome 110 show image without zigzagging.

For now, I only see this issue on macOS on some navigators.

The difference I see between each WebGL report (WebGL Report) is the Framebuffer Max Samples.

When there is the issue, the Framebuffer Max Samples is 4. And 8 when all is fine. But in some case on mobile phone, it’s 4 and the render is still fine so… I really don’t know.

Edit : When I disable the shader pass, there is no issue, so it might be a wrong parameter in the ShaderPass. I investigate on it.

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