Writing 2D text onto a surface

Is there a way to use 2D text as a (non repeating) texture on a surface? Like a sprite as a name sign for instance. I don’t know the names ahead of time, so can’t pre-generate images for them.

The typical approach for solving this issue is to write the text on a canvas and then use it to create an instance of THREE.CanvasTexture. This texture can be then used with a THREE.Sprite.


In the Collection of examples from discourse.threejs.org you will find a simple example. Maybe it is helpful.

See https://hofk.de/main/discourse.threejs/2020/index2020.html

2020-08-29 19.58.52

Here is
canvas.width = 1024;
canvas.height = 1024;
very big.

This may also be interesting.
(Collection 2019, Links in Source Code)



Awesome. I missed the CanvasTexture. Thanks