Which method of text presentation is preferable?

Currently I am working on using my
for an example.

I would like to display the 2D coordinates continuously at the crosshairs. Additional further information.

There are many possibilities for this, see
three.js docs
𝔽 How many ways to load a font in Three.js?

Some I have in my Collection of examples from discourse.threejs.org see




a new test:


Seven-segment indicators

THREEf.js/THREEh.js at 976360a85a1797f28ef75c8fa29d8744af274a87 · hofk/THREEf.js · GitHub
used in Recaster MultiMaterial


I’m not sure which method to use. :thinking:

What seems to be the easiest or most effective for this dynamic purpose?

Who has more experience with text and can advise me :question:

I’m a fan of https://github.com/Jam3/three-bmfont-text/. We tested several options for A-Frame and were happiest with its performance. The one exception is for languages with very large character sets… if you don’t know what characters you’ll need in advance, the SDF sheet for all chinese characters would be prohibitively large.

If you do know what characters you need in advance, or if you only need a small alphabet like A-Z etc., I built a small tool for creating an optimized version of the font: msdf-bmfont.donmccurdy.com/

I’ve seen some neat solutions to that last problem, but can’t remember the github repository for it now…


why not just some <div> with position: absolute?


Thank you very much for the answers. I’m glad I asked. :slightly_smiling_face:

Surely I would have tried one of the most complicated :dizzy_face: options first. I even remember now that I have seen the thing with DIV somewhere a long time ago. But it wasn’t in my head anymore.

For the coordinates it is in any case super simple and effective. Let’s see what other things I can solve with it.

In some time you will find the construction example here on discourse.

@hofk Mentioning seven-segment indicator, you gave me an idea.
As usual, I don’t look for easy ways :slight_smile:

WIP with 7-segment digits (so far it’s a concept on shadertoy) :sweat_smile:

I’ll post a working example later in Resources. Maybe it will be useful for someone :slight_smile: