Why point light works on half side only?

Sup guys. Sorry for my english. I have a problem with point light and plane geometry. I create a floor by create many Plane geometries
new Three.PlaneGeometry();
then i set vertices for it to set it horisontal ( for create a random map ),
plane.vertices[0] = new Three.Vector3(…)
plane.vertices[1] = new Three.Vector3(…)
plane.vertices[2] = new Three.Vector3(…)
plane.vertices[3] = new Three.Vector3(…)

then use Three.Mesh() and Three.MeshStandardMaterial();

but that floor have wrong recieve lights from point source. How can i update the geometry for solve this problem? Thanks.


What happens if you call computeVertexNormals() on your plane geometry?


Just a small remark:
Instead of plane.vertices[0] = new Three.Vector3(...) I’d use plane.vertices[0].set(...).


Thanks a lot! It solves a problem