Help with PointLight not behaving as expected

I’m currently working through the Three JS Journey tutorial (fantastic so far) and I’ve gone to add multiple point lights that represent ghosts, they will move round eventually, but for now the default behaviour is acting really strange and more like a box light than a point light, any ideas why?

You’d need to be a bit more precise what strange means. In the screenshot it looks ok - point lights emit light uniformly in all directions.

(In terms of strange behaviours - keep in mind that if you will add more than 8-12 lights, the scene will actually start acting strange as you’ll start exceeding lights number limits. Above 12 shaders may start breaking on mobile, above 32 neither web nor mobile will run.)


The point light looks like it has shadow being generated along a single axis despite having no objects blocking it, even when it moves, that straight line of light travels around at the exact same angle. I tried spinning the light itself and it still remains on that angle