Point light Transform

Hi All,

So, I have added a point light to a scene, and the models in the scene are under another node with a transform to bring the model geometry at the origin.
However it appears that the shading of the model appears wrong.
If I modify the point light position, such that the node’s transform is applied, it appears fine.
So, isn’t it taken care off in three.js automatically.


Um, strange. I’m not aware of such a problem. Can you demonstrate this issue with a simple live example? I’ve prepared a fiddle based on the glTF example. It’s enhanced with a single point light at the camera’s position. The base node of the model (of type THREE.Scene) has an offset applied. However, the shading does look good to me.


Thanks @Mugen87!
Actually I tried changing a few things similar to my app, and it works fine.
I must be doing something wrong.