ThreeJS point light gives weird texture look

I use ThreeJS, more specificaly React Three Fiber to create a 3D Canvas.

I added a glb model, point light and ambient light and the result was really bad.

Why does the texture look so choppy?

Is it because of the material or?

Thank you

I tried to edit intensity and color of the light. No change.

I added a normal cube, with a MeshStandardMaterial and it was okay.

This model was made in Blender, and shadows were baked a bit.

pointLight.shadow.bias=0.00004; or pointLight.shadow.bias=-0.00004;

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It helped, but could not manage to make it perfect. I played around with the bias but never made it perfect

<pointLight shadow-bias={-0.00001} />

add/remove zeros until it looks OK, you can also try positive numbers.