Blender GLTF to ThreeJS material looks simple

I have created an object in Blender, applied textures and exported as GLB file. Then I have imported it into a ThreeJS scene through GLTFloader. However, the textures look rather different to those from blender (pic attached). The metal texture is the most worrying one. Despite the color of the material is good, it has some big strips of different color. Even in the BabylonJS sandbox the final GLB looks amazing.

What I am missing? Is it the problem with Blender exported or ThreeJS scene code? Would really appreciate your help.

Bad one (in HTML)

Good (in Sandbox)

And of course, you can see that even carbon texture is not as good as in Blender. Is it the same issue or something different?

semiFin - Copy.html (9.1 KB)