GLB/GLTF lights not visible in three js


I am trying to import lights from Blender with .glb extension but the lights seem to not enlighten the scene. Here is a sandbox with an ambient light commented out so one can check that the model and texture are okay.

When you exported, did you include punctual lights

also, Threejs and Blender light intensities are different, depending on what settings you use in blender, and especially which blender renderer you are comparing to.

I find i can mach the blender “Material Preview” renderer the best with threejs.

Here is an example of using imported glb lights.

see lines 70-72

Example : SBEDIT : Online Code Editor

@zotakk4o if you would use three.js editor and just import your GLB file then you could see that it doesn’t show as 3 lights. It shows as Object3D components.

You can use the editor itself to open a new scene, add 3 lights and then export it as GLB.