GLB file imports correctly in glTF Viewer, but not in Three.js

Hi there,

I am currently trying to import a .glb object in threejs, however no matter what I try, the object doesn’t have any color.
The model in question is this one:
statue_of_liberty_low_poly.glb (7.1 MB)
However, it happens also with a few others, so it may be caused by some missing settings.

The weird part is that importing the object in works perfectly, but importing it in three.js editor (or my project) leaves it completely black.
Any ideas what am I missing?

You’ll always need to add lighting, in the threejs editor use Environment → MODELVIEWER for a quick setup:

That is equivalent to THREE.RoomEnvironment, see this example for setup.


Thanks very much for the quick help! I had assumed ambient light would be enough

Ambient light is sometimes enough, usually for more stylized looks or baked lighting, and less so for PBR materials. Definitely for anything metallic you’ll need an environment map.