Broken textures while importing glb model

Hi all. I am very new to Three JS.

I’m trying to import the glb file with this simple code:

import * as THREE from 'three'; 
import { GLTFLoader } from 'three/addons/loaders/GLTFLoader.js';  

const scene = new THREE.Scene();
const camera = new THREE.PerspectiveCamera(30, 1, 0.1, 1000);
const renderer = new THREE.WebGLRenderer({ alpha: true, antialias: true });

renderer.setSize(300, 300);
renderer.setClearColor(0x000000, 0); 

const light = new THREE.DirectionalLight(0xffffff, 5);
light.position.set(1, 1, 1).normalize();

const loader = new GLTFLoader();
loader.load('/models/three/scene.glb', function(gltf) {
    const model = gltf.scene; 
    console.log('Success: ', model);  

    function animate() {
        model.rotation.y += 0.01; 
        renderer.render(scene, camera);
}, undefined, function(error) {
    console.log('Error', error);

camera.position.z = 15; 

This .glb file looks correct in 3D editor and when I open it on three.js editor

When I import it using the code above, or any other import way (I tried with gltf files, spine object) it always shows like this, textures are never smooth

Do you know how can I make it looking like in three.js editor?