(first time in 3D) load lights from GLB in scene


ThreeJS is a big library. It’s my first time in 3D, without any 3D knowledge.
Job have to be done… It’s very frustrating.

We have build a loader of GLB into a scene with a camera and we are blocked with the “rendering”.
With our lighting (hemi + 2 directionals), it’s really cheap (bad shadows, colors not in a good dynamic.
A 3D modeler & renderer who work on 3DSMax have sent us a lighting setup in a GLB and I’d like to import it in the ThreeJS scene. It’s done via GLTFLoader but the 3D Objects loaded in the scene are all black. Lighting is attached to the scene but like it does nothing.

Is there any simple process to load in a scene a GLB lighting setup and use it as rendering lights ?
I can open the lights with Blender and do some stuff but don’t know what…

Can someone send me good things about how to do that trick ?

Thx in advance.

Try testing the glTF model in some glTF viewers first. For example:

^This viewer adds an environment map by default, but only adds other lights if the scene doesn’t already have them. You can enable/disable the environment map in the display settings. If your model looks dark without an environment map (this is common for metallic objects) then you will also need to use an environment map in your application.

Any of the glTF examples in the three.js example list are good sources of lighting configurations to check: