Three.js rendered model looks different from Blender rendered model

Hello, when I export a gltf file from the blender to the threejs, it looks very ugly even if I add lights, it receives them badly. Is there a way to get the same cycles rendering in Blender?

Hello, there is a big difference in terms of looks and lighting between the model in Three.js and the model in Blender. I’m using the latest versions of Next.js with React Three Fiber at the time of writing this. I have written a StackOverflow question in hopes of getting some direction as to why there is such a render difference.

I’m sharing it here because I thought it might help myself and others in the future to why their models look differently when they export from Blender as a .GLB file. Thank you for your time!

What is the result if you include normals and vertex colors?


Still the same result. Just a higher file size.