Weird behaviour when using MeshReflectorMaterial in a Blender-exported gltf model

I’m building a 3D room by react three fiber and Drei, using MeshReflectorMaterial to mimic the reflection.
The strange thing is that, when apply the reflector material to a mesh modeled in Blender, the reflection is distorted, as the gray thin box below, which is the mesh.

any tips why this is happenning?

the floor’s reflection seems to be right, but it’s not a Blender-exported mesh, but a <planeGeometry /> manually placed on the floor’s position.

it is very limited, it only works on surfaces that have a natural 0/0/1 direction and are then flipped up x: -Math.PI / 2, just like a normal planegeometry that you have to flip to look upwards. you have to make sure the ground in blender points 0/0/1 and is then rotated to face upwards. THREE.Reflector has the same problem.

thank you so much, re-building the ground mesh (make it natural z-axis faced then rotate) solved the issue.
Maybe documenting this in the MeshReflectorMaterial docs?