Having problem with using MeshReflectorMaterial

I’m trying to achieve the blurred reflection in the ground like in here:

the problem is that I don’t use react three fiber in the project, and there is already a lot of code without it.
so I tried to use ShaderMaterial and copy the vertex, fragment shaders from here:

but regarding row 48, I think this row is replaced with the code of the shader of MeshStandardMaterial
I couldn’t find where it is
I would appreciate if you can point me to where it is, or suggest another solution
thanks in advance!

Can you use ssr for this? three.js webgl - postprocessing - Screen Space Reflection

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I don’t want the reflection of SSR because it doesn’t have the blur with falloff

this one does: GitHub - 0beqz/screen-space-reflections: Implements Screen Space Reflections in three.js and it’s also fast enough whereas the three example imo is not usable in the real world. it will give you the most realistic results for sure because it’s a screen space effect, it’s not limited to a single plane. click:

btw dreis reflector material has been ported. you find it somewhere here on discord, i saw it once.

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on my android phoene this runs only with 12FPS
I need a more performant solution