Broken reflections and normals after Three version 0.135.0?

Hi. I’m new to the forum, I’ve read the sticky but I haven’t found anything, so here’s my question.

I’m trying to recreate the React Three Fiber Drei demo scene Ground reflections and video textures - CodeSandbox but noticed that unless I use precisely Three 0.135.1 the Reflector component looks different. But I can’t use this Three version because I need MeshTransitionMaterial which is not available on this earlier version.

Where can I read about how Reflector precisely works so I could decompose it and recreate using MeshReflectorMaterial for instance?

The ultimate reference is its source code.

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im scared to refresh the box tbh, three has had countless of breaking changes from how lights behave to tonemapping to color management.

there are newer boxes that use relfections which are up to date with threejs, for instance this one

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Hi everyone. Thanks for the replies. I think I figured it out, I had to reassemble the scene with different texture settings, I think they changed something in three.js after 0.135

I used MeshReflectorMaterial but ultimately I decided to do away with the texture, it looked tacky in my specific project