Reflector results are different between Three.js and react three fiber

when i use reflector in threejs result is good for transparent and same color with scene
but in react three fiber result is different not transparent and different color with scene

R3F Reflector / MeshReflectorMaterial is not the same thing as three’s Reflector.

You can see here and here that it uses a custom shader material.

Three’s built-in Reflector’s code is different and a bit more limited (you can see here that r3f reflector allows for more customisation of the material, incl. roughness, blur, color etc.)

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and you can use three/examples/jsm reflector of course. the reflector in drei is mostly used for distance blur. as for colors, three went through a series of changes recently, the most disruptive was that webglrendertargets are not tonemapped any longer, this will probably take a while to fix since many drei features use rendertargets.

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thank you so much and i tried same reflector in threejs and react three fiber
and then good work in threejs
but when i use reflector in react three fiber not work like threejs reflector white color look like gray
i think different setting between theejs and reac three fiber
and thanks for help me

yes i use three/examples/jsm reflector in react three fiber but white color look like gray so i can see mesh
but it work well after delete tonemapping
thank you so much