Issues while adding MeshReflectorMaterial

Hello, Guys.
I want to add the reflection effect on my R3F project.
But I have some issues while adding MeshReflectorMaterial.
I used these dependencies.

And I added MeshReflectorMaterail like this.

But When I ran the project, I faced this issue.

Please let me know the solution! Any help would be fine.

threejs doesn’t export these any longer, what these functions did is now being handled by the tonemapping and encoding includes. you should update your dependencies, both three and fiber.

Thanks for your reply. @drcmda
It makes sense.
So which version do you prefer for 3 and Fiber?
I used 0.141.0 version of three.js and 7.0.7 for fiber.

nothing to prefer, just move to latest to make sure. i don’t know when three made that change, which is when we had to scramble and update reflectormaterial.

Thanks. will check it.

It works, Thanks @drcmda