Create reflecting material using a baked texture


I need to create a material where i use a baked texture and add real time reflection.
Is there a material that contain this properties or have to use a shader ? I,m using r3f by the way. @drcmda

drei/meshreflectormaterial. you can give it a map, and if you give it a roughnessmap you control where and how much it reflects. this material is only for ground planes. for everything else you need screen space reflections.

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hey! thanks, but is a bit expensive in perfomance right?
There is not a way around to make a maeterial using textures and real time reflection?

ssr is actually manageable. i get easy 120 fps out of this

but it’s under construction. next week the author will release a first draft of the stable release, this will have a big impact on what the web can do. follow him on twitter if you want to keep up

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nice thanks!