Weird artifact near the camera

Hi, I have a strange artifact when viewing a plane near the camera. It looks like the artifacts I have on shadows, but I am not rendering any shadow here, so I don’t know where this is coming from.

Any idea what causes that and how to get rid of it ?

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Can you please share your code that shows how you setup your camera? Besides, any chances to demonstrate the glitch with a live demo?

Are you using shadows? It’s a bit unusual but it could be shadow aliasing. Try adjusting the shadow bias by a tiny amount.

@looeee did you read my message?

@looeee The OP says he does not rendering shadows :wink:. I assume it’s maybe related to the near and far plane values.

@SBRK If you can’t share a live example, please show how you setup your camera.

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Are you applying any other maps than a diffuse map? I have similar artifacts, although weaker, when driving near the tiles in my Tunnel demo, where I use bumpmaps. I recommend sharing map configuration statements, in addition to camera configuration.

It does look very much like shadow acne, though if you say that you don’t use any shadows - I’ll take your word for it. I believe that you believe that you don’t use any shadows.

Another thing that pops into mind if mipmapping. An artifact on a particular level of mip pyramid, this would be in line with artifacts appearing near the camera. Like @Mugen87 said, it would help to see actual code/live result to be able to deduce more. For all we know - you’re really good at photoshop and just drew this awesome picture using your l33t skillz :stuck_out_tongue:

I jest, but I hope you can understand the lack of information on our end.

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Clearly not :woozy_face:

Can you share your code here? I don’t think anyone will be able to help you without seeing it.


How are you drawing this? It is natural to assume that your floor is drawn with textured polygons but the aliasing pattern it exhibits is reminiscent of Moiré patterns that emerge when space filling with lines. Are you using textured polygons or some line primitive or point cloud space filling that is showing gaps in the foreground. If this is simple texture then are you fetching it with a conventional shader based on interpolated uv or is there some calculation being performed in the shader that is introducing the artifact? I suspect we’re missing some information critical to the analysis.

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I’d love to see a live demo of this.

The technical name for this pattern is a moire.
My first thought is that you have another geometry at about the same height that’s conflicting or being wrongly depth resolved. Like everyone else said, it would be easier to help with an example of code.

Do you have magFilter = THREE.NearestFilter; on? Do you have a follow-up on this issue? I see similar patterns here and it’s pretty much caused by discontinuity within the original depth map: Bump Map artifacts