Bizarre artifact in transparent + blended material. What is it?

Any idea what is causing this? I have never seen this before but have not used that many transparent materials. It’s this white-ish cloud that is in my material:

child.material = new THREE.MeshStandardMaterial({color:0xffffff,side:THREE.DoubleSide,transparent:true,opacity:0.33,blending:THREE.MultiplyBlending});

Could you do a video of it?

oh, it’s a really zoomed in frame from one of my video textures .-.
but why is it there? any idea? i guess the alpha+blending are passing through the canvas?

With the image in the first post I could think of a million reasons.
After the video now I can only think of a few thousand reasons :grin:

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thus, we are making amazing progress mrdoob ( :

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@FuzzyWobble Can you describe more about your scene? Is the video being used as a texture somewhere? Is it positioned underneath the canvas? What are the material parameters being used for the transparent object?

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