WebXR Quality Problems

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to develop a cofigurator app for sofa. The quality is really nice on the pc.
But im testing with oculus quest 2.
Oculus browser doesn’t start even VR session. It is okay anyway i try with Firefox.
It works but at this time the quality is really bad.
It is looking like antialising problem but i dont know. I m very new for VR.
You can see my project in here.

So how can i solve this problem. Is there any solution for it?

Oculus quest (1 & 2) run browser webXR at lower resolution
to improve this you can change the framebuffer output in your scene settings
beware it drain performance and battery :wink:
line 278 in your main.js code, try this:

renderer.xr.enabled = true;
renderer.xr.setFramebufferScaleFactor( 2.0 ); //double xr resolution default is 1

Thanks for your answer. I will try it when i m back to office.

Even now i have some performance issues. After this change how it will be i dont know.

Probably i need to take a deeper look for lights models or for the other things…

for realistic VR rendering while keeping performance afloat
I try to bake textures, with cheap shaders and cubemaps instead of using lights.
lowering textures resolution help for better head tracking too.

at the opposite of desktop where antialias is just a fancy luxury
VR require to spend most of the perfs into smooth edges and details to avoid annoying flickering.

the solution is looking like it works. But i have to solve the performance issue in this time.
Because i cant even shake my hand if i increase the quality