WebXR on Microsoft Edge 120.0 is not working (XrButton says "XR NOT SUPPORTED")

Hi everyone,

I’m developing a mobile browser-based application that uses WebXR and ThreeJS to place a virtual object in your physical space.

While on Chrome everything works fine, when I try to open it on Microsoft Edge (v 120) it doesn’t work.
Neither the AR/VR/XR ThreeJS examples do. I mean, all of them.

BUT - when I search on the web about browser compatibility for WebXR, I find out that Edge fully support it from version 79.0 upward.

Am I missing something?

I’d appreciate any help or pointer

It has worked for me in the past. I haven’t checked with v120 though,
But, check your settings

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Thanks for checking. Please note that my platform is mobile. I checked the settings but everything seems to be ok. I have “camera”, “microphone”, “AR” and “VR” on “Ask”.