WebXR demos not working

Does anybody know why the hit test and other web AR demos currently not working???

Will be solved the next release r125 next week.

An API change of WebXR required some tweaks in the renderer. More information at GitHub.

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XR Handtracking examples are not working also. This happened after I reload my Oculus browser (do it rarely).
It seems that core modules in examples have to be revised due to changes in the WebXR Hand Input module that expands the WebXR Device API(WebXR Hand Input Module - Level 1).
They introduced a new XRHandJoint enum, that defines the various joints that each XRHand.
Previously all the joints were defined in the list of joint spaces.
Now, according to spec: " Each XRHand object has a [[joints]] internal slot, which is an [ordered map] of pairs with the key of type XRHandJoint and the value of type XRJointSpace ."

Three.js module “./XRHandPrimitiveModel.js” uses an old spec, right?
Could it be the reason the examples of hand-tracking are not working (you cant see your hands)?

This should also be fixed with the next three.js release r125. The respective PR is:

Sorry, it’s a bit unfortunate that the browser and three.js releases do not perfectly match. However, this should only be a temporary issue.

Oh, thanx for info, Mugen, a lot!! Spent all day trying to figure out what is going on with hand tracking…