WebXR latest version

The WebAR samples contain code that WebStorm tells to be deprecated hit.getPose(referenceSpace) to be exact. Should I just ignore it or better where can I find the latest examples or docs or something?

According to the official standard, the method is not deprecated:


Notice that your question is related to the WebXR Hit Test Module. It can be considered as an enhancement for WebXR.

weird, thank you! But anyway, what version of WebXR does three.js use? What is the best docs/reference for the module?

What do you mean with WebXR version? Can you please describe in more detail?

Well, this is the API, can I suppose that three.js is using the latest version? Or how does it relate to it?

three.js should implement the latest specification of WebXR. If something is missing or not implemented correctly, feel free to file an issue at GitHub.

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