webVR controls not doing anything?

Hello. I am new to webVR and having some troubles with controls. Specifically, have them fire events. I have tried both VRController and the GamepadAPI. Both of them receive connect/disconnect events by the controllers. However, neither of them receive any input responses from touching any of the controller buttons.

The threejs webVR examples work fine for controlling with the main trigger, but what about the other buttons? I cannot seem to access them, or find any threejs documentation on how to do such.

Here is my webVR demo that allows you to pick up the model with a controller but I have no way to move around the scene with the controller because I can’t read any of the buttons :frowning: Currently using the keyboard arrows to move around the model and zoom. Not ideal. Any suggestions? I am testing on Oculus Rift / Firefox / Win10.

Thanks : )

Fuzzy Wobble!

The current VR abstraction only supports one button. That way, anything you do will magically work with both the WebVR API and WebXR API (and pretty much all the devices and controllers out there).

I’m planning on removing the WebVR API support code as soon as browsers finish their WebXR-VR implementation (~2 months? :crossed_fingers:).

Once that happens it’ll be much easier to add more support to more buttons any other features the WebXR API brings.

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chrome dev now works with all buttons ( tested with windows mixed reality)

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I was trying gamepad api and getting no events/response when interacting with the rift-controller. Let me give it a try again : )