WebVR cardboard input


I’m trying to use the native webvr api activated by the chrome token like in the threejs cube example and it works fine.
But the problem is that when I enable the vr, no more click/touch event are triggered they’re always binded but the event don’t go through and I’m not able to get an event working on any element .(document/window/canvas/body).
I can see others examples with input from daydream, gearvr or vive but what about cardboard using touch ?
Does someone have a solution ?

What device/smartphone are you using?

I’m testing with the samsung s8 but I wonder there is the same pb on any device

So you hit the button Enter VR, VR presentation starts and click/touch events don’t work anymore, right?

Not really because i’ve made my own button manager, I don’t usie THREEJS webvr example, but after doing

renderer.vr.enabled = true;
        source: renderer.domElement

Before or after exit vr all event works fine and in THREEJS I don’t find anything about unbind event in the WebVRManager.

I see. TBH, i don’t know an answer to this question. I currently develop only with Daydream. Maybe someone else of the community can enlighten us :blush:.

Thx for your answer.
Someone using cardboard with touch can help pls ?
I’m searching too a solution to enable the WebVR API in Safari.
Is there a token solution like for chrome ?

Do you mean the origin trials tokens? AFAIK, this is a Chrome exclusive feature:

yes :frowning:
So I think i need to use the polyfill anyway for crossbrowser and touch events support.