website launch - Curious & Co

Hi everybody,

I am very pleased to announce the launch of Design was done by the client, 3D models by a freelancer, and the ThreeJS and front end development by me.

This was my first ThreeJS project. I fell in love with (realtime) 3D. What an incredible framework. Thanks to the incredible team to make this possible. I hope to be able to make a lot more of these in the near future.


That’s your first ThreeJS project?!? You did quite well. My first project was just a spinning cube.

I liked the visual themes of the site. It has some carnival-funfair-circus flavour.

At some point the representation was too much for me (I’m a kind of minimalist).

Have you evaluated the WCAG Level of your site?

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

Hi! Thank you for your reply.

It should have said: ‘my first commercial (big) ThreeJS project’. That would have been more accurate. I have played around with ThreeJS before starting the project.

I like a minimalist style myself. Although, I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed working on something completely different than my previous projects. I appreciate the atmosphere of the design a lot.

About the WCAG level: I have tried my best to make the site as accessible as possible. You can use your keyboard to navigate, also with the 3D elements. But both the client and myself realize that these ‘visual experience’ websites are not as accessible as simple 2D websites.

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