3D website development usingThreejs

Hi, everyone.
I am going to develop 3D website like this. https://robinpayot.com
But I am not expert in Threejs. So I want to reference the project.
If anyone has the project, please let me know.
I am very appreciate it if I could get the project and learn about threejs from it.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Thanks in advance.

This is very ambitious challenge. Building such site requires a lot of technical and artistic skills.

I do knot know your knowledge of 3D theory and practical skills in Three.js. If you are not an expert, my advice would be to split your project in small steps or effects. And then try to achieve each of them one by one. This will break the learning process in (hopefully) more manageable steps.

Otherwise it would be like saying: “I’m not an architect, but I want to build castle like this one”.

If you want to get the source code of the page, the best would be to contact the author. However, even with the source code at hand, sometimes it is very hard to understand what is going on, unless you have sufficient level of knowledge.

I don’t want to discourage you, I truly wish you good luck with your project. And when you are done with it, share it here, I’d love to see it.

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I looked up the source code by inspecting the page. The code design seems readable und understandable. But, it is a hughe script file. When I walked through that page I discovered tons of different techniques used.
So my advice would be to pick one the techniques you saw in demo and want to implement yourself, like implementing a path to “walk along”. In the three js examples section there is a rollercoaster example to show you about paths, and there is another demo to move meshes like text along a path.
Maybe starting to implement such a thing first would help you to get a start. And then just continue to edit it to your whises. When done, take the next thing like implementing Plane Meshes, place them along your path and try to put textures on. Then try to put lights, as lights really change the appearance of a scene to the better or worse. So learning to use lights is very important, at least in my optionion if you want to make your project not just work but also look nice.
At least that it how I devolop things.
And if I come accross problems, I try to remove parts of the code to get a simpler view and try to get closer and close to where the problem is. And if I don’t have any clue, I ask this community here in the forums. Most of them are really smart guys that like to help if possible.