Web Metaverse Engine on P2P Overlay Network

Introducing the Verse Engine - a groundbreaking web metaverse engine on the P2P overlay network! Dive into a new dimension of online experiences now


VerseEngine is NOT Web3! No need to buy land or coins! With just a web server, your own amazing world!:earth_americas:


Excellent work, I would like to see your progress,

Would you mind elaborating on how this works? I see a wasm binary, but WebAssembly (by itself) cannot connect to the internet as far as I know, and simultaneously I hope it can’t just act as a server/host where others can connect to… I find this curious. :thinking:

For direct browser-to-browser communication, WebRTC’s DataChannel is used.
Only when joining an overlay network, the server mediates the exchange of WebRTC ICE Candidates.

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The examples repository was still Private, so it has been fixed.

With VerseEngine, you can run a multi-user metaverse on codepen.io as well.
We have created a simple demo, so please have fun with it by forking and creating spaces!


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excellent job appreciate your work, this could help us kick start making metaverse using threejs

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Exciting news! With our latest update, VerseEngine now supports UNLIMITED simultaneous connections

:fire:Hot off the press! New releases: verse-three 1.0.7, verse-core 1.0.1, and verse-session-id are now LIVE! :tada:

:loudspeaker:Featuring data signing function for secure external server integration and more. Upgrade now!

:books:We have published a document on Session ID and Digital Signature.
Dive in to learn more about these key features in our latest release.

:point_right: Check it out: Session ID and Digital Signature | Verse Engine - Web-based Metaverse Engine on P2P overlay network

:loudspeaker:New guide alert! Learn how to guarantee (sign) text data as a site owner with our latest document. Unleash the power of VerseEngine for a seamless metaverse experience!