Water.js, low FPS with object

Hi everyone,

I’m using Water.js (not Water2.js) like the ocean example.
The ocean alone work perfectly (60 FPS) but when I add an object (78806 vertices) above it, FPS drops to 24.
FPS is also 60 when the object is alone with no water. Is this caused by the reflection of the object on the water ?

How could I have both , water and object, with good FPS ?

Thank you all for your help

Since the scene is rendered twice when using realtime reflections, your device probably can’t handle the additional computing overhead. Consider to simplify your scene or use a different water implementation with static reflections instead.

Lowering the texture resolution of the water might also help a bit.

Thank’s for your reply
I solved the problem : I had too many draws call so I edited my object again as a single mesh

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