[paid] I need a 3js expert to optimize my project (subject: water/waves, sky/clouds/rain)

Hi! I have a finalized project. It works relatively well but I think an expert could improve the fps that it gets in low end devices.

Someone with experience on shaders similar to those of:

It is a one time review. We can discuss the rate per hour.


the fft-ocean is a good example.
anyway I’m not interested, but here is another example that can be added for reference.

Thanks Sean for your reply. That is a great example.

Probably my problem is that I lack optimization experience. I might turn this into a form question if no-one is interested.

Basically, I think one issue could be that I wanted to force 25fps thinking that that would improve the situation.

So instead of the typical

I have something like

    setTimeout( function() {
        this.render(); //this.renderer.requestAnimationFrame();
    }.bind(this), 1000 / 25 );   // 1000/10=10 fps 1000 / 30 = 30fps
     this.renderer.render( this.scene, this.camera );

Do you think that could be an issue? I was also wondering if I should put:
this.renderer.render( this.scene, this.camera );
above the timeout…

Thanks in advance.

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