Water delination with WebGPU

Hey there! I am Furkan. This is my senior year of CS in Turkey. I have a question about the WebGPU. I am trying to learn WebGPU but my brain is so confuse. Actually I don’t know what i need. I am working about the wate delination project. This project is a project involving scientific calculations and graph algorithms, please do not hesitate to contact me if you are working on such scientific calculations.

e-mail: ffurkanyilmaz1@gmail.com

I have some example codes for using wgsl code here in the chat. I use a lot of wgsl commands in my ocean repository. I created this to show what is possible with three.js and WebGPU.

By the way, I also use a very precise physical calculation to simulate the water.
You should find some useful stuff in it and in my posts here in the forum if you want to work with WebGPU.


Thank you so much! @Attila_Schroeder I will check your repo (first impression it is really good you did awesome stuff ). Please share your forum. Probably it has to be really useful.