Advice for future-proofing with respect to WebGPU?

I know WebGPU is still in the works in terms of the actual API and three.js support, but was hoping some more experienced folks could give advice on future-proofing applications for leveraging it?

Some questions as I’m just starting to look into it

  • Will existing Materials like MeshBasicMaterial and MeshStandardMaterial work out of the box? I saw there’s a Node system, but wasn’t sure if that implied all existing materials would no longer work?
  • Any usage of ShaderMaterial won’t work anymore right?
  • Will there be impacts to other parts of the three.js API besides materials like geometries, meshes, lights, textures, etc?
  • Do you have any useful resources you recommend on playing with WebGPU with three.js?

Sorry if it’s too early to tell and these questions aren’t easily answered. Any input or nudge in the right direction is appreciated though in advance!

Everything will still work. WebGPU will be opt in. WebGL2 isn’t going away.
WebGPU will impact everything if you chose to use it but you don’t have to use it until you want to.

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I have a very large WebGPU repository on github

WebGPU is already very extensively integrated into threejs.
I always let the developers know about issues when I come across them. But a lot of things are working meanwhile.