Current state of WebGPU, and question on Buffer helper/uniform utils


Currently I’m trying to figure out where the three.js system for compiling something like a uniforms JS object into a WebGPU buffer would be (if such a utility even exists). For context, for my own project I’m using only a three.js camera and orbit controls, and have my own very simple WebGPU renderer, but would like use more features from three.js if possible (I’m just not that familiar with the WebGPU side of things for three). Relatedly, if anyone knows of a good library that handles WGSL struct generation for you in an efficient way, I’m all ears.

I’m looking at a three.js example and trying to view the shader of a MeshStandardMaterial. onBeforeCompile never seems to be called, so I can’t look for the generated WGSL code for a hint at where it might be.

Maybe it’s because of the new shader node system or something?

Is there some sort of documentation or wiki describing the current state of the WebGPU project, or TSL (three.js shader language, for those who don’t know) in general?

Thanks for reading!