Wanted: Strong three.js / react dev for London-based 3D AI startup [remote possible]

We’re looking for a strong, experienced (lead) developer for extending our 3D AI web application (Job spec here) and driving new parts of our platform. We’re a fast growing London-based startup, VC-backed and with Tier 1 customers who love what we do - and want to see much much more of it :slight_smile:

We’re offering competitive salary + options package. If you love to work in a startup environment, with a high performing, fun team that’s working on cutting edge 3D AI topics, while trying to change a whole industry for the better, please send your CV and work examples/github to georg@contilio.com.

Is there a salary range for this? I’m curious how London compares to other areas.

For us it really depends on experience and preference for base salary vs options - if you email me with maybe your CV then I can give you a better idea.

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for you, 500GBP a day plus VAT
Consulting - Three.js Tutorials (sbcode.net)

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