Job offer - lead Three.js dev

I happened to come across a job via LinkedIn - someone messaged me for a job role but it’s for a lead Three.js developer and I’m not qualified for it. I maintained contact with with individual who’s searching for a candidate so I told him I’ll post the job here in the Three.js jobs forum.

The Job Description is in the image attached to this post. The recruiters email and and Skype information is also included.

Good luck.



thanks for posting ,sent email,

thank you
Charles L

A job in China requiring english where you email them back at

I can’t help but chuckle a little haha (don’t mean to debase the job offering, just found that part funny)


I’m not the job recruiter… the individual messaged me on LinkedIn but I wasnt qualified so I thought posting on this forum may help someone else out.


I got pinged by a couple of vietnamese based recruiters, i believe for this role. It is not easy to find a high profile developer who has the web / three.js experience in addition to general graphics and software management skills, and you have to compete with some pretty competitive places. I just want to say that this is legit. I didn’t respond :slight_smile: but i’m curious what kind of compensation they offer.

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