Voxels editor for quick level/object prototyping

I wanted a quick way to prototype levels and objects for my webxr scenes. So… I’ve been refactoring some of my latest voxels engines/projects into a more general purpose voxels editor.

It can quickly generate arbitrary geometry from a few lines of code, also allows to manually edit some details and exports right into the threejs editor.

Try it out at:

I did also put together a small boilerplate/example of a multiplayer webxr appreciation room with teleport and voicechat as an example on how to use the exports generated by the editor:


Cubes + AO = :heart:

I just uploaded a small update to the editor that adds a new button that computes and exports a set of physics boxes that you can plug into the AmmoPhysics class from the threejs examples.

Here’s a small example that runs smoothly on the oculus quest showing how to do that:

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I love this! Really awesome. Very user friendly. I am having a lot of fun modeling and texturing with it the editor!

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Thanks a lot, my dude! I’m so glad it’s helpful for other people too.

I did some updates to the editor lately. The most significant besides improvements and bugfixes is that now it also allows to export a lightmap that you can use to light dynamic objects in your scenes:

Here’s an example on how to use a exported model from the editor with the new ligthmaps:

Also, I created another example for the ones looking to use the exports from the editor in an AR scene: