Volkswagen Virtual Studio high quality WebGL experience

Volkswagen launched its Virtual Studio solution for the new Volkswagen Taos in Mexico.
Interested customers can explore exterior and interior in different environments and in AR.

More models will be integrated in the near future.


This is super cool, I want to look at it in more detail. I noticed some ghosting on the reflections. What is going on there? It goes away after a few frames but it looks like q “smear”. I also like how smooth it gets once you rest, how did you do that?

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Thank you for your feedback!

Can you tell me more about the reflection smear? Can you take a have a screenshot of it?

Smoothness is achieved with TAA.

It’s really hard to do a screenshot i hope this works:


There is the white reflection, but if you can see almost looking like a triangle there is a gray splotch right next to the pillar. As i was rotating on my phone last night, i saw it a bit bigger on the back window. Basically as im rotating it almost feels like the window is broken by a hard edge in the middle, and then as i rest it smooths out over the next second. The gray triangle in the screenshot disappeared in the next few frames even though i wasnt moving.

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Oh yes I see. This is related to TAA. Lets see wether we can figure this one out.

car gltf or obj?


It’s GLTF why are you asking?

Great job. How did you achieve the motion blur effect?

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I don’t know if it can be changed Textures in gltf

Super nicely done! :clap::clap::clap:

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Thank you!

You can now switch between different models.

Taos, Tiguan and Cross Sport is also available in the Volkswagen Virtual Studio now.

We also added some new Feature like the Darkmode when you switch on the lights in the studio environment:

You can also enjoy a dynamic driving animation now

and see haw the airbags will protect you in case of an accident.


Very good job! Congratulations @VisCIrcle!
Your 3D models are very well optimized!
How did you achieve this result in these models? Generally the models are very heavy, high-poly and it is painful to customize them for the web maintaining the good quality of the reflections.
Did you use a polygon reduction plugin? Was the model customized using the original engineering model?


We build it by hand. Takes a while but everything what you do automatically is not comparable to a hand made and optimized model in size and shading.

BTW: We have the Jetta in there now!

You can also explore a new Background, Trunk loading examples

and ambilight configuration


@VisCIrcle - How did you do the boot loading animation? Are you switching between two scenes where the car is full of luggage and then empty? Great work by the way and sorry to respond a year later. I’ve only started learning three.js and I am trying to build a similar animation.