A night car scene

Hello All,
I am in process of developing a car rental site… Main theme for your feedback.



It is good. I liked the idea and how the reflections cross the car surface. It really improves the sense of motion.

Is this the final code or you plan some improvements?

Here are a few in case you wonder what to do:

  • the wheels wiggle too much, I would be scared to drive such a car
  • the cityscape does not look good from some view points (left)
  • some parts of the car should not be reach by the light (center)
  • the rectangularity of the car’s shadow is seen sometimes (right)

Hello! It’s great to hear that you’re developing a car rental website. I’d be happy to provide some feedback on the main theme of your site. Please provide more details about the theme, color scheme, layout, and any specific features you’re considering for your car selling/rental site, and I’ll do my best to provide feedback and recommendations.

Looking good although it looks like you mapped skybox and road textures directly to the inside of a cube? It’s only noticeable when you rotate and the perspective doesn’t shift the way you’d expect. If that’s not how it’ll be used I wouldn’t worry… but if you do want to work on that…

Might I suggest fleshing the scene out with a bit more geometry. Maybe add some highway barriers and possibly a footpath to the sides of the road. Just to create a bit more depth around the car.

If you can also separate your skybox so it’s set back in the distance I think your scene will come together. It mayyy be worth adding a plane across the water area and using the live reflections… but that may be performance expensive plus may not look as good as the original reflections in the photo.