Threejs + Vue2 in

Hi I’m new here, nice to eMeeting you all.
I created my site home page with Threejs + Vue2.
Please take look


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Thanks for sharing your site. It feels like a Japanese newspaper. You have contributed to quite many projects. This is amazing.

  • The curves in the 3D logo in the front page are not smooth, but low poly. Is this intentional?
  • Why is Three.js not mentioned in your CV? (also: you might want to run a spell checker on the text)

:rofl: Japanese newspaper, I never thought about it but true!!

Thank you very much PavelBoytchev, it’s very kind of you leaving me your comments.

I’ve just spent a couple hours to build the page, it was an experiment and first ever tried using ThreeJS, I love it. And I’m pretty sure that it’s always good to be using low polys especially for a web site because most of views stay 15 second or less. so quicker loading is always better. unless your brand is already established, maybe viewer stay longer and you must spend time = money on it.

This is just start of my threeJS experiment, so I’ll add to my CV later once I build something more interesting. (And Yes, I’m re-doing renewal of my site with Vue 3 composition API, definitely need spelling check and over all improvement)

I just joined this community, I’d love to contribute as much as I can!

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