some of my art works! three.js is so good to use!

Recently I used NeRF to recreate some scenes, and also redesigned them with blender…
I put them on web pages so my friend can see them from every angle! three.js is so convenient!
preview of every design:

GitHub: GitHub - LanHao0/myArtWorksIn3D: 使用vue3和three.js来展示我的部分建模设计! Display my 3d arts by using vue3 and three.js
preview: display3d


now some scene support look in VR!

These are interesting works. I likes some of them, especially the last one with the infinity blue lines.

Some of the models have strange artifacts, but as long as they all are very strange, I’m not sure whether these artifacts are effects or defects.

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thank you for liking them! In fact, one of them (with some others I didn’t put on) won a design prize from a news paper! I really like design those!